The Afro Religion (Black Edition)

Nación, Umbanda – Kimbanda

-Vol 3-

by Marcelo de Bara

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This book was written from a religious perspective, from my personal teachings as Pae de Santo and what it intends is to answer questions that are only evacuated if we formally belong to the religion and are members of a “Terreiro”. In this volume, you will continue to find answers and doctrines related to the Nation or Batuque (Cult of the Orixas), Umbanda: Blanca y Cruzada (Cult of the Caboclos) and Quimbanda (Cult of Exu and Pomba-Gira).


Is a Demanda (lawsuit) never veiled? – Fire point – Pomba Gira Bath – Perfume – Ties – Marabo Bath – Spiritual Lodgings of the Realms – Type of Dances – Towns that make up the kingdoms -Kingdom das encruzilhadas – Kingdom of the Cruzeiros – Kingdom das Matas – Kingdom da Lira – Kingdom das Almas – Kingdom da Lira – Kingdom da Lira – Exú de Alto (High Exu) – History – The Dead give birth the Saint – History – The Birth of the World – History – The ear of Oba – History – Why is Xapaná not named? – History – The Xapaná Dress – Conclusion – Settlement in Quimbanda – Seguranças – Axé of drum – Terreiro at War – Union of Peoples – Entity tests – The Fala of the Orixa – Crosses and Whistles – Deliver the Head to the Exu – Mission of the Realms – Exú Veludo – Nagó – For which kingdoms are invoked – In summary – Tribute – The Aruanda – Town da Encruzilhada da Kalunga – Kimbanda / Pueré – Meaning – Eco of Egun -Demanda with Nana – With Nana (Abortion) – With Bara Lode (Abortion) – Discord with Tranca Ruas – Separation with African – Oxala head – Demanda with Dark – Balance Points – Supply – Front of povo da encruzillafas – Union of Couples – Demanda with – Mulambo – To pass a subject.