The Messenger (Black Edition)

Behind the Astral Gates

by Marcelo de Bara

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🗝 “The Messenger: Beyond Astral Gates.”

🚪 Discover a world beyond the tangible 🌌

Immerse yourself in “The Messenger: Beyond Astral Gates,” a paranormal mystery novel that will take you to explore the boundaries between the physical and the mystical. With a focus on Afro-Brazilian spirituality, specifically Kimbanda, this story invites you to question reality and delve into unexplored dimensions.

📖 Synopsis:

In the streets of everyday life, there is a messenger between realms, someone who has crossed the astral gates to discover the secrets beyond our understanding. Through a mystical perspective guided by the teachings of Kimbanda, the characters will face mysteries that defy logic and reveal the existence of hidden forces.

🔍 Explore the intriguing plot:

On every page, you will immerse yourself in supernatural suspense that will keep you on the edge. What secrets hide in the corners of reality? How does Kimbanda influence the characters’ lives? Accompany the messenger on a journey where the paranormal and the everyday intertwine fascinatingly.

🌟 Key Features:

Paranormal Mystery: Unravel enigmas that defy known laws.
Kimbanda Perspective: Discover a unique outlook from Afro-Brazilian spirituality.
Adventure Between Realms: Travel beyond astral gates and uncover a mystical world.
Prepare for a literary experience that goes beyond the conventional. “The Messenger” will lead you to reflect on life, death, and the mysteries that connect both worlds.