The Black Tower stands sentinel at the threshold of the Void, at the crossroads of Manifestation and Non-Being, where worlds and dimensions meet and intersect. Surrounded by Primordial Night, it exists alone outside the universe known to man, in raw Darkness that flows from the Womb of the Dragon, channeling primal currents and transforming consciousness through the promise of Transcendence. It is the Eye which sees through the Veil of Illusion and looks into the Void. It is the Eye of the Dreamer and the Portal to Knowledge and Power, existing on the borderland of dreaming and waking, between the Slumber of Ignorance and Awakened Consciousness. It transmits the Currents of the Void, the Primal Current of the Dragon, radiating the black light of forbidden gnosis, the true source of Illumination, into the present Age of Re-Awakening.

The purpose of Black Tower Publishing is to earth this Gnosis by working with inspired and talented writers, poets and artists who wish to share their Vision and Personal Experience with those who seek the true Wisdom. We dedicate our Work to those who embark on the antinomian quest for knowledge and power and reject ignorance and weak-willed conformity. The purpose of our books is to open the gates of the soul and awaken consciousness to the Gnosis of the Dragon, bringing forth Draconian Current into the world and assisting in personal Ascent on the Path of the Dragon.

Our purpose is to publish unique and exclusive material for those who are really interested in Draconian Path and also in LHP, Black Magic, Dark Witchcraft, Demonology, Necromancy, Necronomicon Current and all forms of magic that could be considered as “Taboo”.

Our mission is to spread the LHP in a unique way. We offer something different than mainstream publishers. Our books are exclusive and our writers are people with years of experience on the dark path.

In the Aeon of Lucifer we hope to open for all of you gateways to Dark and Creative Illumination.

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Ya se encuentra disponible nuestro primer libro en Español: El Árbol de las Sombras Vol 1: Lilith: La Mujer de la Noche.

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Available in Paperback: Tricksters & Adversaries of the Left Hand Path...

Tricksters and Adversaries is a modern approach to this two controversial figures inside the Left Hand Path Magic. The book has been written by modern magicians with great experience on the topic. The book covers in a theoretical and practical way themes such as: Exu and the Quimbanda Cult - Rituals and explorations of the Mauve Zone - The God Pan and its Mysteries - Nyarlathotep and Necronomicon Current - The Infernal Kings of Hell - The Myth of the Trickster in the Folk American Lore - The God Tezcatlipoca - The Adversarial Path of the Four Angels of Prostitutions and many more... If you are a modern Left Hand Path/Draconian magician or you have an interest in working with these Archetypes or learning about them, this book is for you.

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