The Afro Religion (Black Edition)

Nación – Umbanda – Kimbanda

-Vol 2-

by Marcelo de Bara

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This book was written from a religious perspective, from my personal teachings as Pae de Santo and what it intends is to answer questions that are only evacuated if we formally belong to the religion and are members of a “Terreiro”. In this volume, you will continue to find answers and doctrines related to the Nation or Batuque (Cult of the Orixas), Umbanda: Blanca y Cruzada (Cult of the Caboclos) and Quimbanda (Cult of Exu and Pomba-Gira).


Fetiches – Tranca Ruas’ Lemon – Cleaning with your Orixa – Ebo Fala – How the feast of Yemanja takes place – The buzios in the nation (introduction) – Pae Bará – Wedding and Funeral – Doing the Filá – Al ays ask if a job is paid or not – Assembling the trays – Povo Cigano – Exú Morcego – Cleaning with Axe – Cleaning Exu with Meat – Lawsuit with Exu 7 Catacombs – For the toothache (with the pretos velos) – Protection with Oba – Meals for Ebo – Lawsuit on the hen’s ass – Legends of Exus – Characteristics of some Exus and Pomba Giras – Demanda with Omulu – Ripa with Orixa – Opening with Bara – Demanda with Bara – Headwash and Hand Pull – Spiritual Lodgings of the Realms – Orixas of dende – Oba Pet – Dance of the Orixas.