The Afro Religion (Black Edition)

Nación – Umbanda -Kimbanda

-Vol 1-

By Marcelo de Bara

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This book was written from a religious perspective, from my personal teachings such as Pae de Santo and what it claims is to answer questions that are only evacuated if we formally belong to the religion and are members of a “Terreiro”. In this volume, you will find answers and doctrines concerning the Nation or Batuque (Cult to the Orixas), Umbanda: White and Crusade (Cult to the Caboclos) and Quimbanda (Cult to Exu and Pomba-Gira). If you are interested in learning more about the Afro-Brazilian Religion, this book will be an excellent starting point.


The origins – How do the works acting? – Work throwing places – The money – Obligations – The Orixas – Charity, and humility – Kind of Possession – Types of Mediumship – Why cross things? – Fix the Orixa – Axes and their importance – How to be possessed – Orixas – The imperial guides – The clothes – The works – To consider – Old and young saints – Soil, walk, batuque – Umbanda White and Cross – The Cacicado – The Caboclos – Umbanda ceremony – Eco, Offering and Work – Exú, the messenger of the Orixas – Mae Yurema – The drummer – Religious lines – Falanges, towns, kingdoms, headquarters – First to Exú, First to Bará – The first arrivals – Exú, the Christian demon – The divination of Exú – The first in Umbanda – Drawn point of the books – Red Pemba – White Pemba – The demands are not lit by a candle – Upon entering the cemetery – Macumba – The Messager – Umbanda’s father of us – Umbanda Anthem – The Umbanda of Zelio – The godparents – Dogmas – Some dates – Ogum – Some relationships – Some anecdotal data – Some Exus – How the terreiro moves – The dates – The date of Pae Xapaná – The carnival – How Exu meals are cooked.