The 13 Doors (Black Edition)

The 13 Doors to the Realms of Dark Godess

by Daemon Barzai

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The 13 Gates to the Realms of the Dark Goddess is a book about astral/stellar and dream explorations, a practical work for those interested in touring and exploring the spaces ruled by the Great Dark Mother, the one with different facets and names, found in all the mythologies of the world. This is not a book on mythology or history, but a ritual book that was written for active magicians and practitioners.


Introduction – Methods of Work – The Opening of the Gates – The First Gate -The Realms of Primordial Night – The Second Gate -The Realms of Time – The Third Gate -The Realm of the Black Waters – The Fourth Gate -The Kingdom of Earth Spirits – The Fifth Gate -The Kingdom of the Crypts – The Sixth Gate -The Kingdom of the Unholy Trinity – The Seventh Gate -The Kingdom of the Astral Cobwebs – The Eighth Gate -The Arcane Realms – The Ninth Gate -The Scarlet Cavern Realm – The Tenth Gate -The Cosmic Realms – The Eleventh Gate -The Realms of the Black Forest – The Twelfth Gate -Ophidic Realms – The Thirteenth Gate -The Realms of the Primal Void – The Ritual of the 13 Gates.