Unholy Goddesses of the Darkside

By Daemon Barzai

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The Goddesses are feminine dark archetypes, dark characters that live on the dark side of the moon, they are both the dreams and the nightmares of people. They free us from boundaries and limitations, leading us to the Path of the Serpent/Dragon, and helping us with their antinomian teachings in order to achieve the final freedom, that is to find Self-Deification.

The Goddesses are passion and desire, but also are death, darkness, and decay. They are the savage and indomitable force of nature, the wild and irrepressible sexuality. They lead us to the Witches’ Sabbat, inviting the initiate to drink from their blood, the Vinum Sabbati. They are the Universe Womb and the dark side of the subconscious.


IntroductionNaamah: Princess of Hell – Method of work – The Invocation of Naamah – Evocation of Naamah – The Black Mirror of Naamah: A Dreamwork – Lilith: Queen of Qlipoth – Method of Work – Eisheth Zenunim: The Whore of Hell – The Invocation of Eisheth Zenunim – Layil: The Adversary – Invocation of Layil – Evocation of Lilith – The Cave of Lilith: A Dreamwork – Hecate: Goddess of the Witches – Method of work – Hecate: Queen of Indomitable Nature – The Charming Forest of Hecate – Hecate: Lady of Dark Witchcraft – The Adversarial Lands of Hecate – Hecate: Queen of Souls, Underworld and Death – The Pit of Souls – The Crossroads of Hecate: A Dreamwork – Az-Jeh: The Infernal Whore – Methods of work – The Two Faces of Az-Jeh: Invoking the Goddess in the Temple of Flesh – Invoking Az-Jeh as the Black Dragon – The Astral Waters of Az: A Ritual of Evocation – The Red Desert of Az: A Meditation – Shub-Niggurath: The Unholy Goddess of the Black Woods – Methods of work – The Rite of Ecstasy: An Invocation of Shub-Niggurath – The Black Forest: A Meditation – Kali: Mistress of Time – Methods of work – An Invocation Ritual – The Black Baptism: A Meditation – Venus Ilegitama: Goddess of Sex, Blood and War – Methods of work – Invocation of Venus Ilegitima – The Mirror of Black Venus – Tiamat: Primal Mother of Chaos – Methods of work -Invoking Tiamat in the Temple of Flesh – The Black Oceans of Chaos: A Pathworking – The 13 Invocations of the Gods of the Void – Qalilitu: The Devilish Mermaid – Methods of work – Invocation of Qalilitu in the Temple of Flesh – Evoking Qalilitu with a Mirror of Water – The Watery Temples of Qalilitu: A Pathworking – Ereshkigal: Queen of the Underworld – Methods of work – The Descending to Irkalla – The Invocation of Ereshkigal in the Temple of Flesh – Summoning the Shadows: A Necromantic Ritual – Okbish: The Spider Goddess of the Abyss – Methods of work – Okbish: The Spider Goddess: A ritual of invocation -The Stellar Temples of Okbish: A Pathworking – The Mirror of Okbish: An Evocative Ritual –

Artwork by:

Daemon Barzai & Soledad Cancinos