Unholy Goddesses of the Darkside

-Black Edition-

by Daemon Barzai

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The Goddesses are feminine archetypes, characters that live on the dark side of the moon, they are both the dreams and the nightmares of people. They free us from boundaries and limitations, leading to the Path of the Serpent/Dragon, and helping us with their antinomian teachings to achieve the final freedom, that is to find Self-Deification. The Goddesses are passion and desire, but also are death, darkness, and decay. They are the primary and indomitable force of nature, the wild and irrepressible sexuality. They lead to the Witches’ Sabbat, inviting the initiate to drink from their blood, the Vinum Sabbati. They are the Universe’s Womb and the dark side of the subconscious. In this book, you will find various rituals to connect with different Dark Goddesses and take a self-initiatory journey hand in hand with the dark feminine.


Introduction – Naamah: The Princess of Hell – Lilith: Queen of the Qlipoth – Hekate: The Goddess of Witchcraft – Az-Jeh: The Infernal Whore – Shub-Niggurath: The Unholy Goddess of the Black Woods – Kali: The Lady of Time – Venus Illegitima: Goddess of Sex, Blood, and War -Tiamat: The Primal Mother of Chaos – Qalilitu: The Demonic Mermaid of the Astral Waters – Ereshkigal: Queen of the Underworld – Okbish: The Spider Goddess of the Abyss.-