Tricksters and Adversaries of the Left-Hand Path

-Black Edition-

by Varius Authors

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Tricksters and Adversary of the Left-Hand Path is a modern approach to these two controversial figures within sinister magic. The book was written by modern magicians with significant experience on the subject. The essays cover theoretical and practical topics such as Exu and the Cult of the Quimbanda – Rituals and explorations of the Mauve Zone – The God Pan and its Mysteries – Nyarlathotep and the Necronomicon Current – The Infernal Kings – The Trickster Myth in American Folk Knowledge – The Tezcatlipoca God – The Adversary Path of the Four Angels of Prostitution and many more… If you are a modern magician of the Left-Hand Path or have an interest in working with or learning about these Archetypes, this book is for you. for you.


Introduction (by Daemon Barzai) – Sarava? Exu (By Marcelo de Bara) – Samael’s Gardens of Insanity (by Daemon Barzai) – Smoke and Mirrors (By Walter Garcia) – Invocation of the Infernal Ones (by Soror Basilisk) – The Lord of the Good Tree (by Humberto Maggi) – When the Devil becomes a Saint (by Daemon Barzai) – The Spider and the Coyote (by Bill Duvendack) – Nyarlathotep: The God of a Thousand Faces (by Daemon Barzai) – The Poison of Fear (by Salomelihecatel) – The Mysteries of Pan (by Frater Nephilim) – The Adversarial Path of the Four Angels of Prostitution (by Daemon Barzai).