The Tree of the Shadows

-Vol 2-

Gamaliel: The Obscene One

By Daemon Barzai

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The Tree of the Shadow is a self-initiatory guide for those interested in the darker side of the Qabalah. The second issue is dedicated to Gamaliel: The Obscene One the Qliphotic Tunnels: Shalicu, Raflifu, and Qulielfi. But also rites to invoke and evoke the Qliphotic Rulers: Lilith: The Queen of the Night, Samael: The Dark Prince, Cain: The Dark Initiator. The idea of this chapbook is shown and share in a theoretical and practical way different rituals, meditations, invocation and other ceremonies for those who want to attune his mind and spirit with the adversarial side of the Tree. All that I have written here is part of my personal experience, something unique and inspired by the Denizen of the Dark Tree.


Introduction – Gamaliel: The Obscene One – The Black Womb: The Ritual Opening of Gamaliel – Lilith: The Queen of the Night – The Rites of Lilith – Samael: The Prince of Darkness – The Rites of Samael – Cain: The Dark Initiator – The Rites of Cain – The Qliphotic Tunnels: Shalicu – Raflifu – Qulielfi – Shalicu: The Eye of Fire – Raflifu: The Sun Nox – Qulielfi: The Dream within the Dream – The Oniric Portal of Gamaliel – The Vision of Gamaliel – The Art of Shape-Shifting – The Children of Gamaliel: The Incubus & Succubus – The Initiation on Gamaliel.