The Tree of Shadows

-Vol 1-

Lilith: The Woman of the Night

by Daemon Barzai

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Embark on a journey into the mysterious world of the Tree of Night with Daemon Barzai!

The Tree of Shadows – Vol. 1 – Lilith: The Woman of the Night is a self-initiatory guide that takes you to the dark side of the Qliphoth. This volume delves into the first Qlipha, Lilith, and explores the Qliphotic tunnels: Thantifaxath, Shalicu, Qulielfi. With a combination of theory and practice, the book offers rituals, meditations, invocations, and ritual methods for those seeking to connect with the Adversarial side of the Tree. Everything you will find here is unique, based on the personal experiences of Daemon Barzai and the inspiration of those dwelling in the Dark Tree.


Lilith: The First Qlipha
Naamah: The Princess of the Hell
Lilith’s Cavern: A ritual with the Qlipah
Thantifaxath: The Black Vulva
Shalicu: The Eye of Fire
Qulielfi: The Dream within the Dream
Lucifer: The One who Rules the World
Belial: The King of the Earth
Behemoth: The Dragon of the Earth
Initiation in the Qlipha Lilith

Immerse yourself in the dark and enigmatic cosmos of the Tree of Shadows and discover the magic that awaits on every page!