The Tree of Shadows: Gamaliel – The Obscene One

-Vol 2-

Gamaliel: The Obscene One

by Daemon Barzai

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Embark on the second volume of the Tree of Shadows with Daemon Barzai!

The Tree of Shadows – Vol. 2 – Gamaliel: The Obscene is a self-initiatory guide that delves into the dark side of the Qliphoth. This volume is dedicated to Gamaliel and the Qliphotic tunnels: Raflifu, Saksaksalim, Tzuflifu. Discover rituals to invoke and evoke the Qliphotic Rulers: Lilith, the Queen of the Night; Samael, the Prince of Darkness; and Cain, the Dark Initiator.


Gamaliel: The Obscene
The Black Womb
The Opening of Gamaliel
Lilith: The Queen of the Night and The Rites of Lilith
Samael: The Prince of Darkness and The Rites of Samael
Cain: The Dark Initiator and The Rites of Cain
Raflifu: The Sun Nox
Saksaksalim: The Well of the Serpent
Tzuflifu: The Land of Stormy Waters
The Oneiric Portal of Gamaliel
The Vision of Gamaliel
The Art of Shape-Shifting
The Children of Gamaliel
Initiation into Gamaliel

The Tree of Shadows – Vol. 2 is a unique work, based on the personal experiences of Daemon Barzai and inspired by the beings dwelling in the Dark Tree.

Immerse yourself in this fascinating journey into the obscene and discover the hidden secrets of Gamaliel!