The Tree of Shadows (Black Edition)

-Vol 2-

Gamaliel: The Obscene One

by Daemon Barzai

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The Tree of the Shadow is a self-initiatory guide for those interested in the darker side of the Qabalah. The second issue is dedicated to Gamaliel: The Obscene One the Qliphotic Tunnels: Raflifu, Saksaksalim, Tzuflifu, and Qulielfi. But also rites to invoke and evoke the Qliphotic Rulers: Lilith: The Queen of the Night, Samael: The Dark Prince, Cain: The Dark Initiator. The idea of this chapbook is shown and shared in a theoretical and practical way with different rituals, meditations, invocation, and other ceremonies for those who want to attune their mind and spirit to the adversarial side of the Tree. All that I have written here is part of my personal experience, something unique and inspired by the Denizen of the Dark Tree.


Introduction – Gamaliel: The Obscene One – The Black Womb: The Opening of Gamaliel – Lilith: Queen of the Night – The Rites of Lilith – Samael: The Prince of Darkness – The Rites of Samael – Cain: The Dark Initiator – The Rites of Cain – Raflifu: The Nox Sun – Saksaksalim: The Pit of the Serpent – Tzuflifu: The Land of Stormy Waters -The Gamaliel Dream Portal- The Vision of Gamaliel- The Art of Shapeshifting- Children of Gamaliel- The Initiation in Gamaliel.