The Tree of Shadows: A’Arab Zaraq – The Ravens of Dispersion

-Vol 4-

Black Edition

by Daemon Barzai

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The Tree of Shadows is a self-initiatory guide for those interested in the dark side of the Qabalah. Volume four is dedicated to the fourth Qlipha: A’Arab Zaraq: The Ravens of the Dispersion and the Qliphotic Tunnel: Niantiel: The Lands of the Dead. The idea of this book is to show and share, in a theoretical and practical way, different rituals, meditations, invocations, and other ritual methods with those who seek to tune their mind and spirit with the Adversary side Tree of Shadows. Everything written here is part of my personal experiences; it is something unique that has been inspired by those who dwell in the Dark Tree.


Introduction – A’Arab Zaraq: The Ravens of Dispersion – The Opening of A’Arab Zaraq: A ritual with the Qlipha – The Ravens of Dispersion: A meditation – Baal and Venus Ilegitima: The Lords of Astral Storms – Niantiel: The Lands of the Dead – The Initiation in A’Arab Zaraq.