The Rites of Lilith: A Practical Introduction

Void Edition

by Daemon Barzai

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The Rites of Lilith: A Practical Introduction is a book that was intended for those who want to start working with Lilith in a direct, practical, and barrier-free way. In this book, you will find various methods to work with her, ranging from the construction of an altar dedicated to the Dark Goddess, through rites of invocation, and evocation, to a solo initiation ritual for those who feel the whisper of Lilith and want to maintain a long-term relationship. I invite you to walk through the Gardens of Temptation together, Drink the Elixir of the Red Moon and enter the Unholy Temples of Lilith.


Introduction – Lilith – The Altar of Lilith – The Invocation to Lilith – The Evocation of Lilith – Dream Ritual with Lilith – The Mirror of Lilith – The Initiation in the Mysteries of the Red Moon – A few final words.