The Legacy of San Diablo

By Daemon Barzai

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The Legacy of Saint Devil is a Folk form of Witchcraft which cult focuses on two figures: Saint Devil and Saint Death. Until today, this Legacy has been in the Shadows, Secret, and Hidden. However, we have the risk of losing this Legacy completely. The intention of this book is people who are interested in this form of Witchcraft get access and continue among the true seekers. The Power of Saint Devil and Saint Death is absolute, endless and among the pages of this book, you will find everything that you will need to work with this powerful form of Folk Witchcraft.


Introduction – Origins and Legends about the creation of the Legacy – The Unholy Trilogy: Saint Devil, Saint Death and Lule-Koincho -The Creation of the Altar – The Creation Saint Devil’s Fetish – Creation of the Saint Death’s Fetish – The Pact – The Blessing of the Key – Pact with Saint Devil – Pact with Saint Death – Meaning and use of the Key – Offerings – Places of Work – About the Witcheries in the Legacy – The Owner of Cemeteries – Clean ritual with Saint Devil – Clean ritual with Saint Death – Clairvoyance – When the Spirit is Lost – When a person is posses by a soul – To Hunted a house with a Spirit – To Possess a person with a Spirit- Spell to increase the money – To Increase the money through the work – Working with Aña – Bind love spell with Saint Devil – Bind love spell with Saint Death – Clean ritual with Saint Death – Curse with Saint Devil – Spell to move the work with Saint Devil – Spell to move the work with Saint Death – To conjure a soul – Salting curse with Saint Death – Salting curse with Saint Devil – Spells with Saint Devil from Mountains – Curse for spiritual persecution with Aña – Malediction work with Saint Death – Spells for Win the Gambling Law with Saint Death – Spells for Win  the Gambling Law with Saint Devil – The Art of Sacrifice – Amulet for Gambling Laws – Malediction work under Fig Tree – Spells with Toads – Curse to dry an enemy in life – To Reverse a Dry Curse – Curse to Destroy the enemy with Saint Death – Spell with Saint Devil for increase the money – Conclusion