The 13 Doors to the Realms of Dark Godess

Void Edition

by Daemon Barzai

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“The 13 Gates to the Realms of the Dark Goddess”

Are you drawn to the mysteries of the spiritual world? Do you yearn to explore the magical realms governed by the Great Dark Mother in all her facets and names, transcending cultural boundaries and mythologies? Whether you are an active magician or a magic practitioner seeking a profound and enriching experience, this book is your passage to a magical journey like no other.

Book Contents:


Discover the purpose and essence of this book, created for active magicians and seekers who wish to explore astral, stellar, and dream spaces under the influence of the Great Dark Mother.

Methods of Work:

Learn fundamental techniques and approaches to delve into the exploration of magical realms.

The 13 Gates:

Each chapter unveils the keys and secrets of a different gate, revealing the unique magic of the Realms of the Dark Goddess, including the Realms of Time, the Realm of Black Waters, the Realm of Earth Spirits, and many more.

The Ritual of the 13 Gates:

Find out how to perform the powerful ritual that will allow you to access these magical realms and experience the presence and power of the Dark Goddess.

“The 13 Gates to the Realms of the Dark Goddess” is much more than a book; it is an essential guide for those who wish to actively explore the mysteries of the Great Dark Mother. Each page takes you beyond the borders of ordinary reality and immerses you in a world of magic, mystery, and self-exploration.

This book is your passage to a deep and enriching magical experience. Open the gates to a unique journey into the Realms of the Dark Goddess.