Lilith: Her Masks – Rituals, and Manifestations

Black Edition

by Daemon Barzai

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Lilith is known as “The Mother of Demons,” “The Black Concubine,” “The Infernal Prostitute,” “The Tempting Serpent,” “The Night Hag,” “The Mother of Abortions,” a Dark Goddess and a Demoness, these and many others are the masks and manifestations with which Lilith shows herself to the initiate. This book covers in a theoretical, practical, and modern way different forms of working with her. From invocation rituals, evocation, pathworking, astral explorations, and dream magic. If you are a practitioner of the Left-Hand Path and are interested in working with the Feminine Dark Current, I am sure this book can inspire you in your rituals with Lilith in her many manifestations.


Introduction – Methods of Work – Lilith – The Mother of Demons – The Queen of Vampires – The Night Hag – The Mistress of Gamaliel – The Spider Goddess – The Lady of Harlotry – The End of All Flesh – The Mermaid of the Astral Waters – The Mother of Abortions – The Serpent Goddess – The Adversary of the Primal Night – Lilith & Samael – Lilith & Asmodeus – Lilith & Lucifer.