Lilith: Goddes of Sitra Ahra (Black Edition)

Lilith: Goddes of Sitra Ahra

-Various authors-

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Lilith: Goddess of Sitra Ahra – An Anthology of the Dark Queen.

Delve into the realm of the Dark Goddess with this compelling anthology. Lilith, the Queen of Sitra Ahra, is a multifaceted deity tempting seekers on the Antinomian path of Self Deification. In “Lilith: Queen of Sitra Ahra,” magicians of the Left-Hand Path share their insights, rituals, and art dedicated to the enigmatic Goddess.


Introduction by Daemon Barzai
Ama Lilith by Daemon Barzai
Arachnid Lilith by Salomelihecatel
The Legacy of Lilith by Frater Nephilim
The Unholy Grail by Asenath Mason
BINAH by David ‘Eosphorus’ Maples
Opening The Eye Of Lilith by Edgar Kerval
The Red Serpent by Frater G.S
The Abode of the Dark Mother by Walter García
The Huluppu Tree by Frater G.S
Lilith: The Night Hag by Pairika – Eva Borowska
The Witch of the Night by Daemon Barzai
Lilith and Sitra Ahra by Astartaros Magan
Gnosis of Lilith by James L George
Lilith Invocation by Lucien von Wolfe
Three Rituals for the Queen of Night by Chertograd Daemon
Lilith: The Spider Queen of Sitra Ahra by Daemon Barzai
The Womb of Art by Tim Katteluhn
Lilith as the Great Qabalistic Initiator by Bill Duvendack
“My Triple Goddess Lilith. My Eternal Freedom” by Selene-Lilith
Lilith Serpina by James George
Rite of the Seduction of the Virgin by Matthew Wightman
Lilit and the consorts of Samael by Yla Ysgarlad
Lilith Poetry by Ari
The Pilgrimage of Viryklu by Luis G. Abbadie
The Baptism of Witchblood by Kazim
Evocation of Lilith by Daemon Barzai

Featuring Artwork by: Kazim – Salomelihecatel – Soror Basilisk – Edgar Kerval – Anna Krajewski

Uncover the hidden wisdom and artistic expressions dedicated to Lilith. Embrace the power of the Dark Goddess.