Tricksters & Adversaries of the Left-Hand Path

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Tricksters and Adversaries is a modern approach to these two controversial figures inside the Left Hand Path Magic. The book has been written by modern magicians with a great experience on the topic. The book covers in a theoretical and practical way themes such as Exu and the Quimbanda Cult – Rituals and explorations of the Mauve Zone – The God Pan and its Mysteries – Nyarlathotep and Necronomicon Current – The Infernal Kings of Hell – The Myth of the Trickster in the Folk American Lore – The God Tezcatlipoca – The Adversarial Path of the Four Angels of Prostitution and many more…If you are a modern Left Hand Path/Draconian magician or you have an interest in working with these Archetypes or learning about them, this book is for you.


Marcelo de Bara – ¿Saraba Exú? – Daemon Barzai – The Insanity Gardens of Samael – Walter Garcia – Smoke and Mirrors: The Art of Tezcatlipoca – Soror Basilisk – Invocation of the Infernal Ones – Huberto Maggi – The Lord of the Good Tree – Daemon Barzai – When the Devil Becomes a Saint – Rev. Bill Duven Dack – The Spider and the Coyote – Daemon Barzai – Nyarlathotep: The God with a Thousand of Faces – Salomelihecatel – The Poison of Fear – Frater Nephilim – The Mysteries of Pan – Daemon Barzai – The Adversarial Path and the Four Angels of Prostitution.

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Daemon Barzai – Soror Basilisk – Salomelihecatel