Personal Consultations

Tarot Readings

A tarot reading provides a clear understanding of the situations you are experiencing, the moments, situations, people, and other issues that influenced the past and placed you here, and the trends for the future.

In the readings, we take care of seeing the hidden aspects that we do not see with the naked eye, and that is why reading can be a means by which I can guide you about your life on a personal and spiritual level.

A general reading will carry out to see various aspects of life, and then it is possible to ask up to three specific questions about any matter that causes you concern or doubts.

Once you have paid for the reading, I ask you to email me at with your complete information (Name, surname, and Date of Birth) and your three questions. They must be clear; this will help me and will allow you to give a specific answer to each of them. Within 48 hours, you will receive a PDF with the result of your reading by email.

Cost of reading 50 € / 50 USD.

Magic Tutorials

• Theory and practice of the Left-Hand Path.

• Draconic Magic (Beginner and Advanced).

• Initiation in the Sinister Path.

• Projection and Astral Magic.

• Qliphotic Magic.

• Lunar Magic.

• Dark Female Magic.

• The Necronomicon Current.

• Methods of work and connection with Lilith.

• Demonology and Pacts with Spirits.

• Evocation Techniques.

• Invocation Techniques.

• Rituals of Possession.

• Design and construction of personalized rituals.

• And much more…

I can advise you on different topics related to Magic, the Left-Hand Path, the Draconian Current, and Initiation. From basic to advanced aspects, always within a framework on the Sinister Path, I can teach you about different techniques, explain in depth how to perform your rituals, get in touch with the Other Side, or offer you guidance on your magical experiences.

How does it work?

Once you have made the payment via Paypal, I will contact you via email, there we will have the first part of the consultation, where you will tell me about the topic to discuss, and after my response, you will get advice on a theoretical and practical level via mail.

If you have doubts, you can make them via mail to

Complete consultation 100€ / 100 USD