In Nomine Draconis: A Self-Initiatory Guide into Draconian Mysteries

By Daemon Barzai

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This book was written as a step by step guide, for those who want to work in a self-initiatory way with the Draconian Tradition. In a theoretical and practical way, the book seeks to give a clear and modern approach to this form of magic. You will find meditations, rituals with the Cosmic Snake, Ceremonies with Primal Dragons, Rites of Evocation and Invocation, Sexual Magic, Blood Magic, Rituals with different Gods and Demons, explanations about the Qlipoth, Self-Initiatory Rite into Draconian Current and much more… This book is the result of years of working with this path and has the intention to be a clear guide for true seeker which are walking their first steps, or for those who have been working in the Sinister Path but are looking for a new approach to practical magic.


Introduction – The Draconian Path – The Philosophy of the Left-Hand Path – Teacher and Mentors – The Individual Path – God, Demons and Spirits – The Dragon- About Personal Gnosis – Lesser Magic – The Use of Blood and Sacrifices – The Tree of the Shadows – Self-Deification – The Serpent and the Dragon – Astral and Dream Magic – Sexual Magic – Symbols and Words of Power – Magical Personality – Before Starting – Praxis – Kundalini – The Dragon Ceremony – Magical Tools – The Opening of the Temple – Meditation with Symbols – Dream Magic – Scrying – Evocation – Invocation – Self-Initiation in the Draconian Current