-Draconian Magic Course and Introduction to the Sinister Path-

A complete course to start with the Path of the Dragon and Dark Magic.

Learn and master:

• The basic and advanced concepts of Draconian Magic and the Left-Hand Path.

• The Awakening of the Fire Serpent and the Inner Dragon.

• How to build your Draconian Temple.

• The Art of Evocation and contact with the Other Side.

• The Art of Invocation and Possession.

• Magic and Astral Projection.

• The Lucid Dream and Dream Magic.

• How to effectively build your rituals.

• How to work with ancient and modern grimoires.

• The Night Vision.

• The Initiation in the Draconian Current

•And much more…

A complete course that will help you progress on your magical path, and will allow you to develop your skills and abilities. Oriented to people who want to start as well as those who already have some experience but need a guide to move forward. Carefully balanced between theory and practice, it has a weekly class and completely personalized tutorials. Throughout the course, you will have my guidance and support through mail, Skype, or Zoom.

The Draconian Path is a wonderful journey in search of discovering and awakening the power within, inspired by the figure of the Serpent and the Primordial Dragon. One of the most powerful, most effective modern Magic Current with fast and real results.

If you feel the call of the Dragon, I am sure that this course is for you.

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