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The book: Lilith - Her Masks - Rites and Manifestation is available in two formats: Paperback and Digital (Kindle).

The Mother of the Demons and the Black Concubine, the Infernal Whore and the Temptress Serpent, the Hag of the Night and the Mother of Abortions; a Goddess and a Demoness, all of these and more Lilith is. This book covers in a practical and modern way, different ways to work with her. From rites of Invocation and Evocation to Pathworkings and Rites of Astral Exploration. If you are a modern practitioner of the Left-Hand Path and are interested in working with the Female Current, I am sure this book could inspire you in your Personal Rituals with the Goddess. In this book, you will find unique material, rituals, and illustration of the Queen of the Night.