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The Nyarlathotep Book: The Crawling Chaos - Available now in Paperback and Kindle (Digital Edition) -

Many know his name, but a few know how to work with him. Nyarlathotep: The Crawling Chaos is the massager of the Great Old Ones, an emissary between human and the Outer Gods. He is a divinity with a thousand of faces, and in this book, you find theoretical and practical explanations about how to work with him. This Grimoire has been inspired by Nyarlathotep himself. The book covers themes such as who Nyarlathotep is, invocations and evocation, the Mirror of Nitocris, the Labyrinth of Kish, the Black Tower of Koth, Rituals of Possession, the Masks of Nyarlathotep, the Black Man of the Sabbat and many more. This second edition has been re-written entirely and has a lot of new information, rituals, ceremonies, and illustrations.